Welcome to Production 101 Classes

We are dedicated to introducing you to and educating you about film & television production in New York City (and beyond). We offer classes and seminars that focus on entering the entertainment business as a production assistant, location assistant, and location scout. This is a highly competitive industry and our mission is give you the information you need to make an impression that will get you (and keep you) working. It isn't rocket science, but there are strict protocols that must be followed on and off set and knowledge of these protocols is essential. We'll teach you the rules of production and its unique language, on-set etiquette, the rules of the walkie (and how to properly use it), and introduce you to the complex paperwork of physical production. As well, we will assist you with your resume, offer tips for interviewing, discuss the pros and cons of the freelance lifestyle, and share information on resources that will help you find employment in the field. 

Taught by working industry professionals, these courses are meant to give you an insider's look into how production really works.